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#1 Knot App on iTunes!!!

Need to tie a knot? Knot Guide will teach you the ropes!

People of all walks of life since ancient times have found knots both fascinating and essential. Knots are used in sailing, climbing, tree trimming, jewelry making, and everyday tasks such as hitching a load to your vehicle. Whether you are a novice or you have experience with tying knots, Knot Guide will assist you!

The knots included in Knot Guide are generally considered to be some of the most useful everyday knots.

  • Knot Guide NOW includes the following 95 knots, 83 of which are unique:
Alpine Butterfly on a Bight, Adjustable Bend, Adjustable Loop, Albright Knot, Alpine Butterfly on a Bight, Anchor Bend, Arbor Knot, Ashley's Stopper, Bachmann Hitch, Back Splice, Blake's Hitch, Blood Knot, Bowline, Bowline on a Bight, Braid Knot, Buntline Hitch, Carrick Bend, Chain Sinnet, Cleat Hitch, Cleat Hitch with Round Turn, Clinch Knot, Clove Hitch, Clove Hitch on a Bight, Constrictor, Countryman's Knot, Cow Hitch, Diagonal Lashing, Double Figure Eight Loop, Double Fisherman's, Double Overhand Stopper, Double Sheet Bend, Double Surgeon's Loop, Eye Splice, Figure Eight Follow Through, Figure Eight Knot, Figure Eight Loop, Fisherman's Bend, Fisherman's Knot, Flemish Flake, Gasket Coil, Girth Hitch, Highwayman's Hitch, Honda Knot, Hunter's Bend, Improved Clinch Knot, Jug Sling, Klemheist Knot, Lariat, Lark's Head, Lumberman's Knot, Monkey's Fist, Mooring Hitch, Munter Hitch, Nail Knot, Overhand Knot, Oysterman's Stopper, Palomar Knot, Perfection Loop, Prusik Knot, Rapala, Reef Knot, Rigger's Bend, Rolling Hitch, Rosendahl Bend, Rosendahl Loop, Round Lashing, Running Bowline, Running Knot, Sailor's Gripping Hitch, Sailor's Whipping, San Diego Jam Knot, Shear Lashing, Sheepshank, Sheet Bend, Slip, Square, Square Lashing, Stevedore, Surgeon's Knot, > Tautline Hitch, Timber Hitch, Trucker's Hitch (1), Trucker's Hitch (2), True Lover's Knot, Turk's Head 3L5B, Turle Knot, Two Half Hitches, Uni Knot, West Country Whipping, Yosemite Bowline, Zeppelin Bend, Zeppelin Loop
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  • Learn (or review) basic knot lingo
  • 17 CATEGORIES include:
Bends, Binding Knots, Climbing Knots, Decorative Knots, Fishing Knots, Hitches (End), Hitches (Middle), Lashings, Loops (Fixed), Loops (Slip), Rope Care, Sailing Knots, Scout Knots, Shortenings, Splices, Stopper Knots, Whippings

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Activities involving ropes and knots can be dangerous, and many factors determine the safety of a particular knot or rope, including knot type, rope age and quality, and how accurately a knot is tied. Never trust a person’s life with a rope or knot. No responsibility is assumed by Winkpass Creations for incidents arising from the use of Knot Guide.